Westchester County, NY Junk Car Removal

Junk Cars of Westchester County

Junk Cars of Westchester County, NY will remove any abandoned or wrecked car throughout Westchester County, NY. We pay the highest prices for all autos, trucks, and scrap. We will pick-up your dead or running car, truck, or heavy machinery at your home or business at your convenience.  Our friendly professional staff is ready to assist you. Call to schedule your pick-up.

Recycling - Westchester County, NY - Junk Cars of Fairfield County - Recycling - Wanted: Dead or Running Cars, Trucks, or Heavy Machinery

Learn More About Junk Cars of Westchester County:

  • Convenient pick-up at your home or business.
  • Container service available for machine shops, garages, and auto body repair shops.
  • Highest prices paid for all vehicles and scrap metal.

We proudly serve all of Westchester County, NY. (DMV # 7106240SCP)

Contact Junk Cars of Westchester County today at 914-368-7188 for all of your Westchester County, NY junk car removal needs.

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